Rajkot Branch

This Rajkot branch of Mandal was started under auspicious guidance of Shri Rasiklal Nagardas Kothari.

Rajkot branch has completed 200 Yatras, thousands of Jain and non-Jains have taken advantage of these Yatras. Mandal has done many yatra not in Gujarat but in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra also. All these Yatra were done by charging half or less than that from Yatriks.

Rajkot branch of Shri Ghantakarna Astha Mandal has arranged Medical Camps many times, which people will remember for years to come. Not for human but for animals various Medical Camps have been arranged till today more than 17000 animals have been benefited by such Medical Camps.

Rajkot branch has put full efforts to start such branches in various cities of Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Rajkot branch has given full support to such branches with money, mind and body. Because of this thousands of Yatrik from Saurashtra region could take Advantage of Yatra to various remote Jain Tirth Sthals.

Rajkot Branch has done Pran Pratistha of Ghantakarna dev idol in Maniar Derasar, near Chaudhary High School, Rajkot. One Murti of Shri Mahavir Swami was established in Mukti Dham of Rajkot.

More and more Yatrik can stay comfortably at Atithi Bhavan Mahudi, for that Rajkot branch has put all efforts heartily.

Because Mandal is bearing half the cost of Yatra, Mandal is always short of funds, any help from well placed families to support this noble cause is always welcome. In Shastra it is said that if can,t go to Yatra but even if you send somebody you get equal Punya. So please help Mandal no help is small. For Donations please contact 2010-11 committee members

The Mandal has 13 branches in all over India and is instrumental to Yatra for thousands of Jains and non Jains.

Dr. Haritbhai B. Kamdar
Shri Prashantbhai K. Shah
Vice President
Shri Bhavinbhai S. Gathni
Dr. Parichitbhai H. Kamdar
Joint Secretory
Shri Parasbhai K. Doshi

Rajkot Branch (Contact Details)
Phone No : +91- 281 - 2457433
Fax : + 91 - 281 - 2458676

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