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Shri Ghantakarna Astha Mandal was started in Mumbai with the good intentions that Jain and non Jain can take advantage of Yartra to Mahudi and make their lives happy by Darshan of Shri Ghantakarna Dev.

Respected religious minded shri Rashikbhai Nagardas Kothari with five friends started this Mandal at Mumbai. The aim of this Mandal was to visit Mahudi and four other Jain Tirth Sthal so that Yatriks can have benefit of Panch Tirthi. Panch Tirth was defined in a broader way to include Jain Upashrayas, Jain Ashram, Jain Library or Jain Museums.

Whatever expenses are incurred per Yatrik only half is being charged to Yatrik and remaining half is met by fund from Mandal. Mandal has no other commercial activity the fund is met by donations only. Mandal also decided that in this hard time cost of living has gone very high and there are many families who can not afford Yatra even at subsidised rate. For such families in each Yatra five Yatrik seats will be alloted to them at a token rate of Rs. 1/- Rs. One only. Not only that the names of such Yatrik will never be made public so that their respect and dignity are maintained.

Besides Yatra to Mahudi and other tirth places Mandal does Jivdaya and other humanitarian works.

All Yatriks joining this Mandal for purpose of Yatra can have a better staying and lodging facilities, Mandal has built a very specious Guest House at Mahudi. This guest house is known as Atithi Bhavan.

Atithi Bhavan has fully furnished A. C. and non A. C. Rooms large conference hall, Kitchen and other amenities. It has beautiful large garden with descent fountain. The atmosphere at Atithi Bhavan is very pleasant.

The Mandal has 13 branches in all over India and is instrumental to Yatra for thousands of Jains and non Jains.

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